An unforgettable trip to Cam Ranh Bay!

Would you like to visit tranquil tourist destinations with natural beauty, and enjoy the stunning view of sunset with your friends, especially your partner?

Watching leisurely coral reefs or enjoying favorably the fresh seafood?

If you love travel and adventure, but lack the time and budget, Cam Ranh Bay is a not-to-be-missed destination to visit. You will take a tour around the bay and explore 4 great islands, namely Binh Ba, Binh Hung, Binh Lap and Binh Tien, and accordingly, for those who visit this place, regarded it as “maldives” of Vietnam.

I would like to share amazing experiences which my friends – a team of 5 people visited this great tourist attraction and booked Cam Ranh tour – Chu Lam to explore. They got memorable and exciting moments for the trip during two days on these islands.

“Amazing” can be used to describe the breathtaking beauty of these islands. Really, the white sand dunes curve into turquoise water which creates a mysterious paradise island. My friends got panoramic views impressed by a combination of rocky mountains and beaches. They were pleased to take selfie and hone their photography skills in a professional way.





There is always the one which is different from others in a team …


Scuba diving is one of the most popular activities to see colorful coral reefs and discover new marine life. Besides, there are other must-go places such as Chuong beach, Nom beach, turtle island, Chut island and the like. It is obvious that these destinations are gaining popularity for tourists to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, then enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and take part in watersports or get romantic moments with their beloved.



Another point to to be particularly good here is cuisine. They enjoyed a variety of fresh seafood with different tastes. On visiting Cam Ranh Bay, delicious specialties to try are Thuy Trieu oysters, Binh Ba lobsters, etc.





The noticeable thing is Chu Lam homestay. Imagine yourself lying in a hammock and enjoy the nice view with light breezes in a quiet spot, how amazing it is!


To sum up, the tour is quite good, and tour guides are friendly and enthusiastic. Hope that these destinations will attract more and more visitors to explore and remain the natural beauty. Also, Cam Ranh Tour – Chu Lam will become increasingly well known for interesting activities.



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