Amazing islands in Vietnam

In recent years, Vietnam’s best islands with wild beauty attracts more and more visitors to explore. The most popular islands are listed below and are must-go tourist landmarks to travel, at least one time.

Phu Quoc island

The best and largest island in Vietnam is Phu Quoc, which is located in the gulf of Thailand and consists of 21 islets. It is a great destination to attract flocks of domestic and international visitors every year, especially from October to May.

Phu Quoc landscape

This island is blessed with natural beauty as tourists will enjoy the white sand beach and pristine blue sea. Actually, for those who have ever visited Phu Quoc island, do not miss out the opportunity to take part in lively and dynamic activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving and kayaking. This destination offers a rich biodiversity with beautiful islands and a variety of fauna and flora, predominantly coral reefs. There are popular places to explore in Phu Quoc, namely Dinh Cau rock, Suoi Tranh waterfall, national park, just to name a few.

Nam Du island

Nam Du is ranked as one of the most beautiful islands in Vietnam because of the raw beauty, which creates a combination of fauna and flora. Most travellers are impressed with smaller islands surrounded by blue waters.

So, when to visit Nam Du? Actually, the best time to travel is from late December to May as the weather is cool. Bear in mind that if you would like to go in high season, be prepared for more visitors and higher prices.

Nam Du with tranquil atmosphere

Hon Lon island is a great tourist attraction to visit in Nam Du because there are many tourist activities, and the majority of hotels, restaurants and bars to enjoy as well. Besides, different beaches to explore are Do Dat Beach – a good spot to drink and enjoy the amazing view of Hon Hang island; Nhum beach, Cay Mam beach and Men beach. Nam Du island is a perfect place to participate aquatic sports or take a tour around the island.

Ly Son island

Ly Son is a small island, about 30 km away from the seashore in the province of Quang Ngai, which is formed from Big, Little and Mu Cu islands. With breathtaking sceneries, blue waters and white sand, this island is gaining popularity and is attracting the increasing number of visitors each day. It has a combination of flora and fauna which creates a diverse ecosystem and looks like a picture of paradise.

Pristine water and white sand in Ly Son island

It is really great for marine activities such as swimming, scuba diving and surfing, and dominantly, tourists can see colorful coral reefs and get the amazing views, which makes travel experiences unique and memorable.

So, when to Ly Son island? Everyone can visit anytime throughout the year because the weather here is quite cool. There are a variety of specialities to enjoy, notably seafood and salad garlic.

Thoi Loi is one of the most noticeable destinations in Ly Son. It is the highest mountain in five craters and once tourists reach to the top, the panoramic view appears with a combination of immense fields of green grass, colorful frame from blue ocean to white sand.

Ba Lua island

Located in the gulf of Thai Lan with more than 40 islets, Ba Lua island becomes famous for mysterious caves to explore and regarded as the version of Ha Long Bay. Visitors can enjoy the unspoiled and wild natural life in this island. The best time to travel is from September to March and tourists can take a boat to this place from the dock of Hang Pogoda resort.

Ba Lua offers a variety of delicious seafood with different tastes. Camping overnight with good weather and enjoy fresh seafood in the island are really fascinating. The most popular islands are Pig Island, Dam Duong Island, Duoc Island and Gieng Island. The interesting thing is that the distance among the islands is close, so tourists can swim from one island to another island without boat.

Tourists get stunning views with fresh air, pristine waters, and especially can enjoy the beautiful sunset. Ba Lua island will be ideal for couples in a romantic and tranquil environment.

Hon Tre island

Known as the largest island in Nha Trang bay with the temperate climate, Hon Tre becomes one of the most intriguing and unforgettable destinations. With a beautiful and wild nature, the island attracts visitors with marine activities such as sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving and so forth. Also, everyone will take a tour around Hon Tre island by boat. Especially for explorers, riding along the trails in the island and getting the panoramic view of sunrise or sunset are a really interesting to do.

Tourists can visit Phuong Hoang pagoda on Bac Dao moutain, or drop by Bang beach or Chen beach which are really ideal for fishing activity. Son Linh temple in a cave is also a tourist attraction where the locals worship Buddha.

Binh Ba island

As a part of Cam Ranh Bay, Binh Ba island has gaining popularity for many beautiful beaches and natural scenery.Visitors are impressed not only the attractive beauty but also hospitable locals. It is really great for those who come here to enjoy fresh seafood, especially lobsters with delicious taste.

Binh Ba landscape

Binh Ba consists of three popular islands to explore like Bai Chuong beach, Bai Nom beach, and Nha Cu beach. Travellers get the chance to watch sunrise or sunset, stroll along the coastline and enjoy a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere in these ideal destinations.



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